CDC Employer Expo

On Sept. 17, the Career Development Center (CDC) exhibited its purpose to–among other things–assist students in obtaining jobs, securing internships, and applying to graduate school. The program hosted its annual Employer Expo in the Gerhard Fieldhouse, an event designed to introduce students to many businesses seeking recruits. The Expo featured over 100 businesses from a plethora of different industries, stretching from San Francisco to here in Lewisburg, Pa. Such an expansive range of occupational possibilities allowed attendees to seek job opportunities situated all across the country.

With over 800 students visiting the Expo, the CDC has labeled it one of the best yet.” The visibly well-attended fair was followed up with employer information sessions, one of which was visited by over 70 students. Students of all class years appeared to relish in the opportunity to receive real-time information from many of the businesses they aspire to work for.

“To see the amazing projects that some of the professionals are working on, and to have the opportunity to talk to those same professionals about their groundbreaking work, makes me excited about my future, knowing I will have the opportunity to do the same,” Sam Greenberg ’18 said.

While Expo Week has come to a close, the CDC offers many avenues that aid students in determining their future careers on a year-round basis, one of them being the Externship Program. This program offers opportunities for sophomores to get a look into potential careers early in the job-searching process. Should a student take on an externship, he or she would shadow a professional at work for a typical span of two days.

The CDC draws upon all kinds of resources to offer as many different externships as possible, whether they be with alumni, parents, or friends of the University. The program expects to have 180 externships throughout the United States available for University students as well as one abroad. While the Externship Program is just one opportunity offered by the CDC, it is one that is highly recommended for sophomores in particular.

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