Diversity Dashboard

Danielle Taylor, Staff Writer

The University recently released the Diversity Dashboard via the myBucknell portal. This new add-on is only viewable by University community members and displays different graphs and statistics regarding diversity within the University.

Information made viewable includes “Enrollment Diversity,” “Graduation and Retention Diversity,” “Retention Diversity,” “Faculty Diversity,” “Staff Diversity,” “NSSE: High Impact Practices,” “NSSE: Overall Experiences,” and “NSSE: Diverse Perspectives.” The dashboard gives in-depth statistics regarding these aspects of diversity within the University, and how they have transpired over time.

The Diversity Dashboard does not appear to be popular among students yet, but that does not mean it is not a useful tool.

“I did not know we had a Diversity Dashboard but I think it is necessary in moving the campus forward. It makes a huge difference that it is on myBucknell and that the University is making its efforts for diversity public,” Brittney Phillips ’16 said.

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