The ‘Nell Party’s First Fall Show


Melissa Rios, Print Presentation Director

“I don’t know how they did it without even a warm-up comic but the whole crowd was dying,” Joe Duvall ’16 said.

The ’Nell Party hosted its first stand-up comedy show of the semester on Sept. 18 with Troy Schwab ’19, Kat Sokirka ’18, Josh Popkin ’18, and Shiri Levine ’16. Trout Auditorium started quieting down after the music faded out at around 7:10 p.m. and Schwab was immediately on stage.

Schwab was a strong opening to the show, really getting the crowd warmed up.

Sokirka was second to the stage and immediately received high-pitched cheers from across the auditorium. Her bit consisted of a preschool student who decided to use the classroom floor instead of the restroom. She asked the audience in what case would she experience that situation again. She proceeded to describe how a similar situation happened in Alpha Delta Pi’s suite shower. Sokirka ended her bit with her experience with an uncircumcised penis.

Third on stage was Popkin, one of the veteran comics of the ’Nell Party. Popkin spent most of his bit describing how “messy” his first-year roommate was.

“Blake once ripped [off] a bathroom stall door and threw it out of the window.” While Blake “sexiled [Popkin] every weekend,” “he was the best wingman.” Popkin recounted a time he went back with a girl, who was “more sexually experienced” than he was and by the time he “turned around, the door was locked, the lights were off, and playing through [his] own speakers was Destiny’s Child’s song, ‘Bootylicious.’” Popkin was able to connect his bit to Sokirka’s Alpha Delta Pi joke, in which a fraternity brother talks in “frat language” and ends up explaining why he left something in that shower.

To end the show, veteran comic Levine donned the stage. The crowd cheered a little longer than usual: “I love you!” “You’re my favorite!” Levine announced that her father was diagnosed with prostate cancer one year ago on that day and that he was finally cancer-free. She explained how she was happy that he is healthy, but that she could “finally stop thinking about his penis so much.”

Levine also added that she performed at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival and used University students in her sketch. She recounted a babysitting experience with a “fun mom [with] no rules in [her] house.” Near the end, she worried about a woman she overheard on a train and her desire for respect. Levine ended the show with a “more realistic” cover of “Part of Your World” from the “The Little Mermaid” and the lyrical wish to “be chlamydia-free.”

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