BSG’s VP of Finance Resigns

Barbara Bell, News Editor

 The Bucknell Student Government (BSG) Vice President of Finance Charlotte Clegg ’17 resigned earlier this week. BSG President Alex Rosen ’16 confirmed the news in an email sent to students on Oct. 6.
“The VP of Finance position is extremely demanding and requires a substantial amount of time, patience, and attention to detail,” Rosen said. 
Knowing that the position requires the VP of Finance to devote an incredible amount of time to both finance and BSG initiatives, Rosen believes that the new Chief Financial Officer (CFO) position will “eradicate this precedented problem, as it only requires financial responsibility and accountability.”
“We wish Charlotte the best and know that she will succeed in her future endeavors,” Rosen said. 
The new CFO position will officially take effect in January.
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