Editorial: Reaching out to our faculty


One of the best ways to further our education is through using the ample resources that surround us in college. Our own professors tend to be our biggest resources, so University students should take advantage of the abundance of knowledge and opportunities that their professors can supply.

Many students don’t utilize the help given by professors enough. Many students simply go through the motions—going to class, doing their homework, studying for exams, and repeating the cycle again and again. There is so much more that students can take advantage of.

Conversing with faculty members will help students throughout their entire college careers, as students can become exposed to new ideas, perspectives, and opportunities. Attending college is a way of gaining new experiences, and interacting with your professors is a great way to do that.

With office hours, research, organizations on campus, career advice, and common interests, there are plenty of reasons to communicate with our professors and discuss course material or future possibilities.

Some think that it can be intimidating or not worth the time it takes to go and talk with faculty, but doing so is extremely rewarding. The focus given in a one-on-one conversation can be helpful with a difficult assignment or topic. The extra motivation given can help the student focus more on their studies and connect with the professor more in the future.

While the result from talking to a professor may not be what you expected, there are no negative consequences that can arise from reaching out to the faculty.

Our college years come packed with many professors that we get to see multiple times a week, so it’s worth putting in the extra effort to reach out to them. That relationship doesn’t have to end after a single semester.

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