Campus Vinyl Holds First Register of the Semester

Shira Tarlo, Contributing Writer

Campus Vinyl, the University’s only online music magazine, held its first registered party on Oct. 2, featuring live music, free food, and free beer for students aged 21 and over. The event showcased student music groups and artists like the female duo Mukta & Sarah, solo artist and songwriter Lindsey Ferguson ’18, and the University’s jazz band, Buck’s Orchestra. The popular R&B/Soul band The Rooks headlined the event.

Mukta Phatak ’18 and Sarah Marchegiani ’18 have been friends since meeting at the University’s “Arts First” pre-orientation program last August. They also lived on the same first-year hall and liked to “jam-out” together. They only came together as a duo this semester.

“We ended up jamming together just to see how it would go, and when it went well we eventually started performing together,” Marchegiani said.

Phatak is the duo’s vocalist while Marchegiani plays the violin. The two like to perform songs in Phatak’s vocal range that also have a violin solo for Marchegiani.

Solo artist Ferguson also performed at the event, debuting her own works, which mostly fall under the folk rock genre. She enjoys that genre the most, finding that it best suits her voice and guitar style.

“Now that my songs are of a slightly higher quality, as I’m no longer a 12-year-old with no real life experiences to write about, I thought they might be worth sharing with the public instead of just forcing my friends to listen to them–though I still do that,” Ferguson said. 

The University’s jazz group Buck’s Orchestra performed as well. The group boasts a large number of vocalists and instrumentalists. They enjoy implementing jazz techniques and feels to popular songs. At the event, the group performed songs like Meghan Trainor’s “All about that Bass” and Taylor Swift’s “Blank Space,” among others.

The Rooks closed the show. The R&B/Soul group, formed at Wesleyan University, performed hits from its debut EP “Something You Can Take,” along with popular singles from its latest album “Wires,” including “Secrets,” “Intermission (Wires),” and “Twister.”

The band’s performance was inspiring to the other student musicians that also formed at the University, as the band is now gaining serious recognition across the east coast music scene.

Overall, Campus Vinyl’s first register was a success, and students look forward to similar events in the future.


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