News Content Editor

  • Oversee and advise News Staff Writers.
  • Administer training sessions for News Staff Writers.
  • Create News Resource Manual.
  • Formulate News article topics for each issue.
  • Formulate News Features.
  • Assign articles to News Staff Writers.
  • Edit News articles as they are submitted.
  • Write News articles.
  • Assign responsibilities to Assistant News Content Editor.
  • Collaborate with Photography Editor regarding photography requests for articles.
  • Collaborate with News Layout Editor regarding layout for News articles.
  • Attend meetings. Meetings include but are not limited to: Production, Editorial Board.
  • Communicate with other sections, especially Campus Life to make sure all events are covered/avoid overlap.
  • Weekly meetings with Public Safety Chief Steve Barilar
  • Communicate with Assistant News Editor to distribute stories to be edited.
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