Ponzo Ponders: What the Costumes of Halloween 2015 Will Entail

Brandon Ponzo, Contributing Writer

Costumes–everything from an awesome Rock’em Sock’em Robot to a “provocative” nurse. Let’s be honest, many of us don’t see Halloween as a time to trick-or-treat and compare who got the most candy. No, those times are behind us. Some of us left this tradition upwards of 10 years ago, and some of us are still holding on to the hope that the society-appointed age limit will be removed. I personally am holding out for the latter; it will happen everyone, I swear! Let’s get back to the costumes though.

Freshman guys will try to impress the fraternities with their costumes. Those lucky will be granted the one thing they hold the most dear on a Friday or Saturday night: admittance to the legendary Halloween register. What goes on inside? The world may never know, or at least I won’t because I will be stuck in the line.

With Halloween also comes rejection. Not so much rejection like the fifth girl in a row who told me she had a boyfriend that one night, but rejection in picking the right friend group for the right costume, a battle that belongs on the fields of ancient Sparta. Cliques will fight for who is the alpha male or female, and who gets to choose the costume. Alliances will be made and friendships will be tarnished, all for the singular goal of posting that squad selfie on Instagram/Twitter/Facebook/Myspace/LinkedIn. I myself never fell victim to this. Sure, I had a group of six other friends and they decided to be Power Rangers and I would have loved to be the seventh White Ranger. But hey, sometimes there are only six Power Rangers in the original series and sometimes you end up spending Halloween alone in your room with your only friend being Netflix. But that definitely didn’t happen to me!

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