Do Random Acts of Kindness

Victoria Walker, Contributing Writer

The underlying premise of the student organization Do Random Acts of Kindness (DoRAK) is to promote genuine, selfless acts in the University community. The organization typically works on small-scale projects, like an annual midterm 8 a.m. donut delivery, free beverage stands featuring hot chocolate, lemonade, and hot apple cider, and free candy during finals. Other events include an umbrella share and appreciation days for the custodial or food service staffs.

“We pick and choose when to hold each event during the semester depending on member availability, and what feels right in general,” DoRAK President Caroline Ruocco ’16 said.

The University’s DoRAK group was formed in 2005 with the idea that small actions, like offering treats to the University community, can eventually lead to random acts of kindness being more fundamental and common parts of society.

“I joined DoRAK because I think the little things, such as a compliment or smile, can have a profound impact on people’s lives, even though it is so simple. I believe that if everyone made an effort to spread kindness in small ways it could foster a tighter-knit Bucknell community,” DoRAK Vice President Annie Garvin ’17 said.

The club’s advisor, Associate Professor of Physics Michele Thornley, has been involved since the beginning. She plays a supportive role in the organization, letting the students steer the club’s direction while working to ensure they have the University support necessary to turn their ideas into realities.

“I have felt privileged to be involved with a group of students so overwhelmingly positive, who choose to be together for the sole purpose of finding more ways to be kind to people, and finding ways to show everyone that they are appreciated. I think this last aspect has been particularly effective for the support staff, in dining services, and campus building maintenance,” Thornley said.

The club meets on Thursday nights at 6 p.m. in Coleman 022. It currently has around 30 members and typically handles events on its own, without backing from other, larger organizations. It is always eager to welcome new members.

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