Trustees vote to establish College of Management

Caroline Fassett, Assistant News Editor

On October 17, the Board of Trustees unanimously voted to establish a College of Management, determining that its founding date will be on July 1, 2017. In a statement from the Board of Trustees, Board Chair Ken Freeman called the decision “a significant step in [the University’s] evolution.”

“Through this decision we seek further distinction for Bucknell. Upon the strength of our academic core we will forge new bridges between Arts & Sciences, Engineering, and Management, enabling Bucknell to deliver educational experiences and interdisciplinary opportunities unattainable at traditional liberal arts, engineering, or business colleges,” Freeman said.

Freeman expressed his appreciation for the faculty and staff whose “thorough and insightful debate …helped inform our decision,” but he too said that much work remains to be completed. Bravman also extended his gratitude to all who have participated in the process, including those who were involved in constructing the work that made the decision possible as well as “for the thoughtful, important debate that has driven us to think more critically about the way in which we, as an institution, move forward.”

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