Executive Interns You May Know

Avid Khorramian, Senior Editor

Name: Bwalya Andrew Gefason Mwaba ’16

Hometown: Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire

Major:International Relations and Environmental Studies with a French and Francophone Studies minor

Office within program: College of Arts & Sciences

Favorite part of the program: My favorite part of the program is the opportunity to work with a group of individuals who are as passionate about Bucknell, who are invested in the university, and who are as interested in learning about this institution, and how it works, as I am. I love how the work I do takes me well beyond the office and I am able to speak to, and work with, diverse Bucknellians. It allows me exposure that I would not have been privy to and which can lead to personal and professional growth.

What you’ve learned so far in the program: I have learned a greater degree of responsibility and accountability because I answer for more than just myself. Further, this translates into your assignments as an executive intern as you could find yourself in a situation where your supervisor will give you a problem to solve, with very little guidance, and expect you to be successful. They are there to aid you if need be but at the same time, they do not micromanage you, allowing you room to wrestle with the issue. I feel that a strong, independent work ethic is something I continue to perfect as an executive intern.

General advice for other students: Make sure to balance your life and do not fall victim to FOMO (Fear of missing out), as this can lead to undue stress. It is absolutely okay to not be part of that fourth or fifth organization and always make sure you give your all to the two or three that you do find yourself most aligning with. Also, enjoy the last few sunny days we have left!

Name: Meghan Byrd ’16

Hometown: Palo Alto, Calif.

Major: Political Science & Spanish

Favorite part of the program: Being a student I’ve never been exposed to the administrative side of Bucknell. It’s been really interesting to learn what goes on behind the scenes at the University. Also, the other interns are a great group of people to work with!

What you’ve learned so far in the program: Along with working on projects for Provost Altmann and other Associate Provosts, I’ve also gained some great skills through a range of professional development opportunities.

General advice for other students: Find a reason to say yes. Life is better when you keep a positive, open mindset.

Name: Maddie Bertschmann ’16

Hometown: Hopkinton, Mass.

Major: Markets, Innovation & Design

Office within program: Communications

Favorite part of the program: Intern bonding at Trivia Night!

What you’ve learned so far in the program: Since I work in the Office of Communications, I get to learn how different stories are selected for bucknell.edu, our social media platforms, and other communications outlets. It’s very cool to get a behind-the-scenes look at how the content is developed and the strategy behind it all.

General advice for other students: Make time for the activities, organizations, and people that matter most to you.


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