Chatty Kat-y: Happy Homecoming: From My One-Night Stand to Yours

Picture this scene: music blasting from four different houses, empty André bottles lining the street, and awkward encounters with people who you thought you would never see again. Yep! You guessed it, the University’s Homecoming weekend 2015. Just watching people’s faces as they hugged their previous one-night stands made me cringe with embarrassment. Alumni who are now mothers and fathers reminisced with old friends who together used to run St. Catherine Street back in the day. The only thing that has probably changed  over the years is the number of people they have to shop for in J.Crew or Vineyard Vines (they have to dress their children now, duh).

The amount of Patagonia fleece vests, L.L.Bean boots, and FOMO were at an all-time high as alumni graced campus with their once-weekly-worn University uniform. Alumni who couldn’t make it texted friends and family about how rough being a “real person” is and how they wish they could be back in Lewisburg.

As I walked down St. Catherine Street on Saturday morning, I saw countless people making eye contact and then proceeding to walk in different directions. Sunglasses on or not, you could feel the tension as one-night stands who couldn’t avoid each other introduced the new significant other they brought back to campus with them, crossing their fingers as they hoped they didn’t bring up some of the reasons “the Dirty ’Nell” is used to describe campus.

Awkward conversations aside, it’s always nice to see campus bustling with people who actually love the University and looooooove talking about it. You can always count on a good story about how back in their day, HPW was truly the biggest weekend of the year, whether they actually remember it or not. Those stories, along with the people, just add to the great tradition and pride we, as University students, have in this school.

Kat Sokirka


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