ACE launches search for Chrysalis 2016

Barbara Bell, News Editor

After a survey went live for a vote to the University community last month, Assistant Director of Campus Activities & Programs Chelsea Brown reported an “overwhelming response” to the request for feedback for Chrysalis 2016 headlining artists.

Planning for the April event is very much underway after Activities & Campus Events (A.C.E.) received over 200 unique suggestions for headlining artists. 

Brown said that “members of the A.C.E. and the CAP Center Staff will work diligently the next few months to find the perfect fit for our event this coming April.” While many suggested artists may not be feasible due to pricing and/or availability, Brown said that “we hope to be able to offer a variety of options in the next several weeks that we will present to the campus community for feedback.”

“We can’t wait to share the good news with campus once we have an artist, so keep the excitement up and keep letting us know your thoughts about Chrysalis‚” A.C.E. member Stephanie Houser ’16 said. 

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