Diversity council seeks better inclusion

Kirsten Wessel, Contributing Writer

University students and administration are taking another step forward towards better inclusion by creating the Bucknell Student Diversity Council, in collaboration with the Associate Provost for Diversity and the Dean of Students for Diversity and Inclusion.

Associate Provost for Diversity Bridget Newell said that the Diversity Council plans to make the University more inclusive, increase awareness of diversity issues, and provide a voice to students to speak up and lead diversity initiatives.

“Its an inclusive advocacy and outreach group that is going to collaborate with members of the administration and other students to implement the 2014-2019 Diversity Plan and also serve as student liaisons and essentially advocate and promote diversity and inclusion on Bucknell’s campus,” Executive Intern in the Office of the Provost Meghan Byrd ’16 said.

Byrd is working with Provost Barbara Altman and Associate Provost Newell in implementing the new Student Diversity Council. The Council will run through Newell’s office, who is in charge of its coordination and organization.

Byrd and Newell said that the large council of 25-30 students, all with varied perspectives and exposure to inclusion efforts, will broaden the influence of diversity initiatives on campus. Byrd said that the main focus of the group will be “finding the best way to get more students involved with overall diversity efforts.” 

This student-led effort will work in conjunction with the President’s Diversity Council and the Diversity Action Team in implementing President Bravman’s Diversity Plan. The three groups are specialized to look at the issues from specific positions within the community while collaborating on certain initiatives.

“I think the diversity council is a great idea because it will provide a great opportunity to not only educate our community, but also serve as a means for individuals to communicate their frustrations. In order to move forward and improve the campus environment, we must first learn about issues that often go unseen, yet have a such a profound impact on the everyday lives of many of our peers,” Alexa Gorski ’16 said.

Students from different class years, social and economic backgrounds, and experiences with issues of diversity who are eager to learn and contribute to diversity initiatives on campus are strongly encouraged to apply to be a member of the Student Diversity Council. Applications are being accepted until Nov. 1 at noon.

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