MGMT 101 CEOs You May Know

Avid Khorramian, Senior Editor


Name: Jacob Hannah ’17

Hometown: Kelly Knob, W.Va

Major: Management for Sustainability

Why did you decide to run for CEO?: My passion is to aid others in their endeavors, and the position of CEO allows me to do that for every company member, our service clients, and our business customers all at once. In turn, this gives me the experience I want to start and manage my own Life Skills Training Organization.

Biggest takeaway from the experience: Realizing how dynamic coworkers can be really broadened my view of how some people have certain needs and wants that can differ from my own in ways that I would’ve never perceived. It’s been a truly humbling, human experience that I will cherish always.

Name: Devon Daniusis ’18
Hometown: Manhattan, N.Y.
Major: Markets, Innovation, and Design and English (Concentration: Creative Writing)
Why did you decide to run for CEO?: I am comfortable working with all different types of people and willing to be authoritative. These capacities directly translate into the CEO position and I knew from the beginning of the semester that I wanted to assume this job. I was immediately invested and passionate about being the best MGMT 101 company we could possibly be, and I ran for CEO because I thought I could lead our company in fulfilling its potential.
Biggest takeaway from the experience: My biggest takeaway concerns time management and priorities. This experience has consumed my fall semester and I have continually placed MGMT 101 as my first priority over various other responsibilities. This prioritization is what makes a company successful. I have also learned more about the art of communication. Directions must be clear and executable and, whenever possible, delivered face-to-face.

Name: Dan Rogus ’18

Hometown: Jamison, Pa.

Major: Computer Science and Engineering/Management for Engineers 

Why did you decide to run for CEO?: Initially, I had wanted to run for the Vice President of Human Resources Management (VP of HRM), as I felt I would best fit there, but I was nominated to run for CEO. After seeing this nomination, and after receiving positive feedback from my classmates, I decided to run for CEO. Receiving the encouraging feedback from my classmates, who I am now proud to call my friends, really was the impetus for my decision to run for CEO. Knowing my fellow company members trusted me in the position of CEO, made me believe in myself enough to tackle the position.

Biggest takeaway from the experience: Learning time management. Having this experience, I learned how to budget time, not just for myself, but in a group setting as well. This will most definitely help me not just in the rest of my college career, but in life after college as well. Equally as important, my belief in genuinely caring for other people was greatly reinforced. In this class, a group of people who were essentially strangers came together, and formed a tight-knit community (a family really) to serve a local organization in need, and to make a positive change in the world. I was able to see first-hand the huge impact that genuine compassion and care can have. Whether it is turning a no-kill dog shelter into more of a sanctuary, or caring about the well-being of those around you, as we did in our company, every act of kindness makes an important difference.


Name: Delaney Sheetz ’18

Hometown:  Altoona, Pa.

Major:  Markets, Innovation, and Design
Why did you decide to run for CEO?: I decided to run for CEO after I was nominated by my company members. Many of them encouraged me to run because they thought that I had several of the qualities that they were looking for in a leader. They have all been so supportive and offered me so much help since I agreed to the position!
Biggest takeaway from the experience: Taking on a leadership position can be overwhelming at first, but it is extremely rewarding once everything starts coming together. It is really important to encourage everyone to do their work to the best of their ability. You cannot do everything yourself, and everyone plays an important role in achieving success!


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