Second annual student leadership dinner focuses on philanthropy


Barbara Bell, News Editor

The University held its second annual Student Leadership Dinner on Nov. 9 in the Weis Center.
Two alumni speakers, Michael Costa ’91 and Laureen Costa ’90, elaborated on their experiences post-graduation and talked about the importance of philanthropy. They also discussed the many ways in which student leaders can give back to the University community.
“Our advisor, Ron Marquette who works in Development, approached us with the names of these two alumni and said that they were interested in student on-campus engagement regarding the topic of philanthropy. Both Michael and Laureen contribute greatly to the school, not just in monetary donations, but also in their time and talent,” Rebecca Moore ’16 said.
President John Bravman also addressed the audience and focused on the interactions students have currently with campus organizations. He told student leaders that they are already giving their “time” to the organization and the University. The time students dedicate to leadership is a version of philanthropy in itself.
“We wanted to highlight the ways in which the support of Bucknell alumni and others better the organization that the student leaders are apart of,” Moore said.
“The sustainability of Bucknell University cannot be achieved without recognition of the importance of philanthropy in the economic viability of the institution. Bucknell student leaders are in the position to not only make a difference while on campus, but to also make an impact after graduation,” Moore said.
“We wanted to convey this message at the dinner, and demonstrate the importance of parlaying current student support into a life-long endeavor,” Moore said.
Attendees of the dinner were invited based on the leadership positions they hold around campus and represented a wide variety of organizations including student media, Bucknell Student Government, the Undergraduate Executive Internship Program, and Residential Advisors, to name a few.

“The leadership dinner experience was one which entailed the importance of giving, why we give, and how to give. In addition, the dinner was a time to reflect on my future as well as reflect on the habits I will create to help manifest my higher level of happiness,” Fuzzy Jeong Woo Seo ’18 said.

The event was organized by Moore, the President of the LEAD (Leadership Education Alumni Donation) Council. Moore has been working with the Council this past semester to coordinate this event.
“I hope that the Student Leadership Dinner will remain an annual tradition. Next year, I hope to increase the number of attendees and strive to ensure that we have representation from all leadership areas at Bucknell,” Moore said.
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