International Students You May Know

Avid Khorramian

Name: Margaux Mery 
Hometown: Tours, France
Major: International Public Law
Why the University?: “I chose Bucknell because of the great program it offered in terms of international relations and for its relatively small size. I wanted to be able to meet many people and at the same time, not feel overwhelmed.
What’s one major difference about living in the United States?:
One major difference about living in the U.S. is to get to live on campus. In France, the University is in the middle of a city where we all live on our own or with our parents so we don’t have this sense of community.”

Name: Fatima Rezaei ’17
Hometown: Kabul, Afghanistan
Major: Markets, Innovation & Design
Why the University? “I was looking for a school with good business majors and when I looked up on the Bucknell website, then I really liked the majors offered by the School of Management. I visited Bucknell on my junior year of high school and I loved the campus and also the fact that the ratio of faculty to students was very low so I could be in classes where professors actually know each person and they are available to help outside class as well.”

What’s one major difference about living in the United States?: “There are many differences between my home country and the U.S. One that I noticed very quickly was the transportation system here. In the U.S. the majority of families own several vehicles which is not very common back home. Even though families could have several cars but many use the public transportation instead.”

Name: Mario Perez Dewey ’17
Hometown: Tres Cantos, Spain
Major: Mechanical Engineering

Why the University? “I chose Bucknell because everyone here likes doing as much as they can. Everyone has their own things on campus they are passionate about and manages to squeeze them into their schedule even if it means less free time or sleep. I like that there is so much more to it than just going to class.”

What’s one major difference about living in the United States?: “The food difference is enormous. For one because people eat a lot of fast food here, but also because of the wide variety of foods. You can eat Mexican for lunch and Chinese for dinner, and that’s great!”

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