Headlines by your Friends

Emily Meringolo, Contributing Writer

36 reasons to love fall. 83 things to do at the University today. The value of friendship. What’s really going on with war these days? Why I love my dog. Where am I? What’s going on? Have you seen the other half of my brain?

When I log onto my Facebook I will invariably be met with self-promoted articles written by Facebook friends for outlets such as Her Campus and The Odyssey. How “hip.” 

Long gone, or perhaps never were, the days of posting Bucknellian articles for your friends to read on social media.

It must be exhilarating to see how many views you get after sharing your thoughts via the Odyssey or Her Campus. Notifications for comments of “amazing” and “great article” ping, ping, ping at your heart as you blog, blog, blog away. 

As a means of really sticking it to the man (capitalism), I hold enough darkness in my heart to not click on articles written by Facebook friends whom I dislike. No sir, you may not receive my ad-generated revenue, you blog!

On another note, is there causality between people I dislike and objectively poor writing/topics? Unclear … then again, I suppose I wouldn’t know; I don’t read their articles anymore.

There seems to be an aesthetic to writing for blogs that has been lost by the Bucknellian. And there are many legitimate (in my opinion) blogs that one can spend a lifetime scrolling through. But perhaps these other outlets, like Her Campus and The Odyssey, provide better, less censored platforms for sharing opinions that transcend school-run newspapers. But who am I to say?

I wrote last week about the hoopla of changing your profile picture to flagscapes, and again this week I wrote about a Facebook topic. Maybe I should deactivate my Facebook again or just cut the fat and delete some “friends.”

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