An Inside Look With Christine and the Wingmen

Doug Hendry, Editor-in-Chief

Student bands are often featured at many events throughout the year to play their music at the University, and each group brings its own unique sound to the campus. One of those bands is Christine and the Wingmen, with members Christine King ’17, Nathan Wagner ’17, Cole McCollum ’17, and Aaron Messersmith ’17.

These four juniors all hold different musical backgrounds, but are able to combine into one unit when playing together for their audiences. Their music has a wide range across the musical spectrum, including both covers and originals.

A lot of their music hails from the 1970s in the form of classic rock, including both radio hits and other lesser-known songs. Contemporary songs are also a part of their repertoire, as the band has played music from Paramore, Maroon 5, Red Hot Chili Peppers, and the Black Keys. The band members like to add in their own original hits as well.  

“[What’s special about] the Wingmen is how hard we work to get songs right. Aaron, Nathan, and Christine are all in a bunch of other, more intense, musical organizations around campus. Their attitudes towards practicing and making things sound as good as they possibly can definitely shines through even in a rock band setting. This makes performing a lot more rewarding because we know we worked hard and it usually pays off,” McCollum said.

The Wingmen formed in 2010, and has since changed its name to Christine and the Wingmen when King joined as the band’s singer. Each member utilizes different instruments throughout their sets— including singing, guitar, bass, drums, violin, and saxophone.

That flexibility allows the band to offer a wide range of music, with different sounds coming through with each change. From practices to performances, the band is always able to connect to each other.

“My favorite part is being a part of those moments that sometimes happen spontaneously at performances or practices where everybody is on the same page musically and playing at a very high level, and we’re listening to each other,” Wagner said.

Christine and the Wingmen perform at a few different locations, particularly at Seventh Street Café for the Late Night Music Series as well as at Uptown. The band has also performed for Relay for Life and at BU After Dark. Their performance experiences have allowed members to mesh together spectacularly.

“We all love to jam (improv) and while it sometimes makes our practices longer than they need to take, it adds a unique and more cohesive sound when we perform live,” McCollum said.

With the effort that King, Wagner, McCollum, and Messersmith put in, it’s no surprise that they are able to create the music that they do. Combining their musical talents into one performance allows the group to excel on stage.

“There’s literally nothing like playing in a band when it gels and you’re part of something larger than just yourself. It’s an amazing feeling,” Wagner said.


Christine King:

Music Education Major

Lead vocals, acoustic guitar, drums


Aaron Messersmith:

Music Education Major

Drums, vocals, acoustic guitar


Cole McCollum:

Mechanical Engineering Major

Bass, electric and acoustic guitar, vocals


Nathan Wagner:

Mathematics Major

Electric guitar, violin, bass

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