Silly Bandz craze hits universities

By Ashley Miller

Contributing Writer

Two years ago, if someone asked you if you had any Silly Bandz, you probably would have had no idea what they were talking about. Today it’s nearly impossible not to know what they are. Everyone—men and women, preschool children and college students—wears the colorful rubber bands that come in varying shapes.

Silicone rubber bands were originally introduced to become a more eco-friendly office supply product before they were adapted by BCP Imports to be made into toys for children, according to Now Silly Bandz is a multinational name with literally hundreds of designs.

Originally Silly Bandz were shaped as animals. Today you can get them in the shapes of words, texting lingo (such as LOL), Marvel Action Heroes, your favorite sports team or even Justin Bieber. They come in multi-color, glow in the dark and tie-dye designs. Fanatics can even customize their own or write letters to the company suggesting design ideas. The company is also beginning to make Silly Ringz.

Knock off brands like Faith Bands, Crazy Rubber Bands, Zany Bandz and Rubba Bands have been following Silly Bandz’ lead. While Silly Bandz are limited to certain stores, you can find these knock-off brands nearly anywhere. If you aren’t interested in the name, these bands can be purchased for a much cheaper price, though the variety is more limited.

Silly Bandz do not seem to be exclusive to the younger generation. Latina singer-songwriter Shakira wore Silly Bandz on the cover of her new album “Sale el Sol,” they’ve been seen on professional athletes, and Haley Williams, lead singer of Paramore, wore the bands on the cover of Spin Magazine.

College students have not been immune to the craze; you can spot someone sporting the Silly Bandz from most locations on campus.

“They make my day. I have a raccoon and a caterpillar,” Mark Sabbas ‘14 said.

“They are the coolest thing ever,” Alexander Vining ’14 said. “My favorite ones are the ones that glow in the dark.”

Silly Bandz are popular right now for all ages, and it looks as though the trend is not stopping here.

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