New Student-Run Publication, Et Cetera, to be Released in April

Julia de la Parra, Contributing Writer

A new student-run publication, called Et Cetera (ETC), will be released this April.

ETC is the first publication of its kind at the University. “The magazine is basically an arts and culture magazine that also has a huge emphasis on human interest stories” stated Avid Khorramian, co-creator of ETC.

Two junior MIDE majors, Kelsey O’Donnell and Avid Khorramian, came up with the idea for ETC in a graphic design class they took together their freshman year.  It remained a brain child until the two of them studied abroad in Copenhagen last semester. Inspired by the cafes and fashion of Europe, the pair decided to apply for a grant through the Arts Council for their idea.

Once they received the grant, O’Donnell and Khorramian decided to feed off the knowledge they collected abroad and integrate it into their magazine. For example, the magazine’s pages are matte and its formatting is modern and professional. Also, the publication will be perfectly bound instead of the usual saddle stitch. The appearance of the magazine is very important to the pair; their goal is to make the magazine “look as nice as the content” stated Kelsey.
The release date for the magazine is set for April 7. An online edition will also be available and is currently in the works. Kelsey and Avid have already hired a staff for ETC, but they are still looking for more writers in order to attain a large online presence.

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