Breaking the Bubble

Elizabeth Worthington, Assistant News Editor


Donald Trump’s campaign announced on Jan. 26 that the GOP front-runner would not participate in the debate that took place on Jan. 28. Trump instead decided to host an event in Iowa to raise money for veterans and wounded warriors. The debate was hosted by Fox News, with journalist Megyn Kelly as the moderator. Despite Trump’s affirmation that he did not opt out of the debate due to his previous quarrels with Kelly, he is receiving heavy backlash from the media and rivals, including opposing candidate Senator Ted Cruz.  

On Jan. 27, the FBI and Oregon State Police arrested Ammon Bundy, the leader of an armed group of protesters who seized a federal wildlife refuge in Oregon weeks ago. Seven other people were arrested after some of the protesters refused to surrender to state police at a traffic stop. Shots were fired during the arrest, killing one person and injuring another.


The Zika virus has continued to spread throughout at least 20 countries. The majority of the cases have occurred in Latin America and the Caribbean, but cases have been confirmed in Denmark, New York, Arkansas, and Virginia. The World Health Organization is raising concerns about the virus, which currently has no vaccine and no cure, continuing to spread throughout the Western hemisphere.

On Jan. 26, Denmark passed a bill allowing police to seize property and assets worth more than 10,000 Danish krone (almost $1,500) from refugees attempting to enter the country. While the Danish government holds that the bill will help cover refugees’ living expenses, many are worried about the larger consequences it will have on the EU’s immigration policy, pointing to the fact that many countries are actively looking for reasons to keep refugees out.

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