‘Nell Party attendance exceeds expectations

Caitlin Maloney, Staff Writer

On the night of Jan. 22, Trout Auditorium burst at the seams with students, all assembling to spend an hour laughing uncontrollably at whatever hilarious acts the ’Nell Party had cooked up. With every chair occupied, the aisles packed with seated students, and a growing crowd that overflowed into the hallway, Anthony Marcozzi ’16 stepped up to the stage as MC for the night. As a first-time MC, he shared with the audience that he was a bit nervous, but flawlessly cracked a few good jokes before introducing the first comic, Josh Popkin ’18, to the stage.

Popkin started off his act telling the audience about his dislike for parties, a grinding experience that had left him scarred, and some awkward recent hook-ups.

One of Popkin’s best jokes started off with, “I don’t like the people I’m currently friends with,” which he spun into a story about how his friends sneak obscure objects into his laundry bin before he washes his clothes. “I’m in the laundry room, right, and I’m talking to a girl I like and we’re having a great conversation and then all of the sudden she’s like, ‘Josh, what’s that?’ And I’m like, ‘What’s what?’ And she’s like, ‘Is that a dildo?.’”

Tom Murphy ’17 was up next and started with, “I don’t like to be called Tommy,” which he weaved into jokes about his reactions when girls call him Tommy, envisioning himself as a dad.

He also teased the girls in the audience about the supposed University dress code: “I find a girl I like and then she disappears and I’m like, ‘Oh, blonde Bucknell girl wearing Bean Boots and a Patagonia, where will I ever find another one like you?’”

He finished off his act with a hilarious demonstration of a step-by-step dance of how to—or how not to—attract someone you’re interested in.

Comedy veteran Shiri Levine ’16 was third to the stage, and after hugging Marcozzi for his great introduction of her, she exclaimed, “That’s the first time I’ve ever touched a Phi-G!” She dove right into joking about her relationships with boys she likes, which she relayed back to a bit she had done at a comedy show in the fall semester about chlamydia.

The crowd was in hysterics when she mocked herself for her misconceptions about what the phrase, “Glock in my ’Rari” means in Fetty Wap’s song “679.” She closed her act with some great lines about Abercrombie, her dates for formals, and relationships with professors once they’ve seen her stand-up acts.

As the last comic to the stage, Ben Gerber ’18 started off by explaining current feelings of a midlife crisis. He humorously confided in the audience that he struggles with jealousy issues in his relationships—so much so that when a girl he dated told him about dissecting a cat in one of her classes, he was jealous of the cat.

Gerber’s next bit was about people-watching at parties. He described himself as “the Steve Irwin of frat parties” and donned an Australian accent while he joked about his observations.

Gerber closed out the show with a joke about a trainer at the University gym, and described how hard she pushes his tennis team in workouts.

The full house and frequent laughs signified that the show was a success. “I was overwhelmed with the support Bucknell students showed the ’Nell Party; it made the night that much more exciting. And of course every comedian was hilarious. Probably one of their most successful comedy shows!” Meghan Belinsky ’18 said.

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