Du’s and Don’ts: Double J’s exist, I’ve seen them

Elizabeth Duswalt, Columnist

To start off my inaugural style column I have decided I to pick the topic I know best, bra fitting. I’ve worked in Nordstrom for the past two summers in the lingerie department where I earned my fit certification. After seeing more boobs than the biggest frat star on campus I’ve learned all the tricks of the trade.

Washington’s Top News says that about eighty percent of women are wearing the wrong bra size. Wearing a bra that fits not only makes your boobs look better but your clothes as well. Girls, own your size because honestly if someone asks and you’re not comfortable, you can just lie about it like most people lie about their weight.

The most common problem for girls is that they are wearing the wrong band size. This is something you can easily measure on your own. If you have a measuring tape you can find your band size by wrapping it around your torso just under your bust. This should be measured in inches.

The cup size is more difficult to measure especially if you are a size D or over since the only way to measure the cup is to try different sizes on. Most people think bra sizes stop at a DD but this is far from true. British sizes go up to a size M while French sizes go up to a size H. At Nordstrom we went up to a British size JJ in store and I have fit a customer at this size so I’m telling you it is true.

Typically girl’s first thought is to go to Victoria’s Secret but their cup sizes do not run true to what the actual size should be. I’ve found that girls who are a D or DD at Victoria’s Secret are a true size of about a G. I know that sounds really big but I guarantee it isn’t as abnormal as you would think. So many girls wear bras that have a band size that is way too big and a cup size that is way too small.

Another thing is that everyone wants to go to for the pretty bras. You need some good functional basics. No one in your Monday 8am can see your bra (or at least I hope they can’t) but they can tell how good your boobs look when the bra you are wearing fits well. But if you have a fuller cup size do not worry because there are brands that make bras in your size that are pretty and give you full support. For British sizing the brands I recommend are Elomi and Panache. The top French brand that I have worked with is Chantelle while the top American brand in my opinion is Natori. But above all the fit is the most important part and my coworkers will agree with me on this.

“The most important thing is comfort then style and that you get a proper fit,” said Norma Frances, my fellow lingerie department employee.

Trust me when I say I’ve seen it all. Not every style of bra fits every person. Just like people come in all shapes and sizes, so do boobs. Not all are created equally. Some right boobs are bigger than left boobs. It happens. This is why it is important to get sized at a store that is known for their bra fittings. All great outfits start with a great foundation. So don’t do your outfit injustice and wear a bra that doesn’t fit.

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