Breaking the bubble

Caroline Fassett, News Editor

On  Feb. 1, GOP nominee Ted Cruz won the Iowa Republican caucuses, earning 27.6 percent of the vote. Fellow nominees Donald Trump and Marco Rubio followed closely behind, receiving 24.3 percent and 23.1 percent of the vote, respectively. Hillary Clinton was victorious in the Democratic caucuses, though only won by a razor-thin margin of 0.3 percent over competitor Bernie Sanders.

Grease: Live, Fox’s live television musical based on the hit 1978 film, premiered on Jan. 31 and received rave reviews on social media and from entertainment critics. The television musical starred Aaron Tveit as Danny Zuko and Julianne Hough as Sandy Olsson and received an audience of 12.2 million viewers.



According to a United Nations agency, North Korea will launch a satellite into orbit sometime between Feb. 8-25. The reported action has drawn condemnation, particularly from Japan and South Korea, the latter calling it a “direct challenge against the international community” and warned that North Korea will pay a “grave price” should it be acted upon.

On Feb. 1, a 36-year-old man was shaken off of the back of an elephant he was riding on as a part of a trekking tour; he was subsequently trampled to death by the elephant. The man, a Scottish tourist who was on holiday in Koh Samui in Thailand’s Surat Thani province, is survived by his 16-year-old daughter, who was also shaken off of the elephant yet only suffered minor injuries.

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