Breaking the bubble

Elizabeth Worthington, Assistant New Editor


The New Hampshire primary was held on Feb. 9. Donald Trump took home the Republican victory and Bernie Sanders won on the Democratic side. Both candidates won by large margins. Governor John Kasich came in second but lagged behind Trump by roughly 20 percentage points, and Hillary Clinton lost to Sanders by approximately 22 percentage points. After the primary, Governor Chris Christie suspended his campaign and Carly Fiorina ended hers.

The mayor of Flint, Mich. outlined a $55 million dollar plan to replace the city’s lead pipes that have been poisoning the water supply. Her plan aims to replace all of the pipes by next year, which will require cooperation between the city, state, and the federal government.


Director of National Intelligence James Clapper warned Congress on Feb. 9 that Iran may attempt to use U.S. citizens still being held prisoner as “bargaining chips” to get what they want from the U.S. government. Iran may also use Americans who are captured and detained upon entering the country as leverage for concessions.

Greece has suffered heavy criticism from the European Commission (EU) for failing to handle the massive arrival of migrants well enough. Its critique includes a call for tighter border security and a more sophisticated registration system. Other EU countries, especially Turkey, also received criticism for failing to take in refugees who don’t qualify for asylum being sent back from Greece.

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