Marrs and Sunday shine, smash Bison records

Meg Nolen, Contributing Writer

Eleanor Marrs ’16 and Tegan Stanbach ’17  contributed three goals in overtime to bring the Bison to an 11-10 win over Iona. The women’s water polo team traveled to compete in the Princeton Invitational Feb. 13-14. Entering the Invitational with a 1-3 record, the team finished off the weekend with three more wins to tally, improving to 4-4.

Team captains Marrs and Hannah Sunday ’16 displayed extraordinary leadership over the weekend. Marrs pulled through with 10 goals and leads the team in overall points with 18 goals and 12 assists. Sunday also now holds the record for ejections with a career high of 294. Her five ejections enabled her passing of the previous career-high.

“Going into the weekend, we were really excited to play based on our performance the previous weekend,”  Sunday and Marrs said. “While we were proud of our overall performance this weekend, we had hoped to go 4-0.”

The team’s first game against nationally-ranked Wagner ended in a 14-6 defeat for the Bison. Marrs and Marta Considine ’18 each tallied two goals and an assist for the team. After their devastating loss, the Bison challenged Iona, and came out on top with an impressive 11-10 win in overtime.

On the concluding day of the Invitational, Marrs continued to shine for the Orange and Blue, tallying nine points throughout the day. Along with Sunday’s impressive record-breaking number of ejections, she also recorded five goals. The team’s first matchup against Cal Lutheran ended in a 13-8 Bison victory. The Orange and Blue took on their next challenger, Villanova, and remained undefeated for the day, with an impressive 9-5 win.

Overall the team draws from their numerous standouts. The captains recognized Kendyl Johnson ’18, Stanbach, Colleen Barron ’18, Emily Konishi ’19, and Manuela Herrera ’18 as featured standouts for the weekend.

“We hope to learn and grow as the season continues,” Sunday and Marrs said. “After a disappointing loss to Wagner, we came back and fought hard to our first overtime win since 2010. Even though we were exhausted, we brought that momentum into our next two games on Sunday.”

The team will be hosting the Bison Invitational Feb. 27-28 to continue the season.

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