Is Coors encouraging binge drinking?

By Elle Fried

Contributing Writer

According to many online sources, the Coors Brewing Company has confirmed that they will be releasing a new special can, crafted specifically for the purpose of shotgunning.

For those of you who are unaware of what shotgunning entails, it is the act of poking a hole in the side of a beer can (preferably with a key), slightly opening the tab on the top of the can and then drinking the beer out of the hole that was poked in on the side as fast as you can.

This new can will feature a second tab on the side of the can which will avoid the unruly cuts on fingers and lips that inevitably happen.

I am sure that the main criticism of this innovation is that it will encourage binge drinking, but the fact of the matter is that the majority of college kids know what shotgunning is and how to do it; therefore, I don’t believe it will encourage binge drinking and irresponsible behavior. This type of drinking is going to happen whether or not there is an extra tab to shotgun.

In fact, I believe it makes this act even safer. By avoiding the need to stab the can with a foreign object, it eliminates the likelihood of someone cutting or hurting oneself. Additionally, it would also prevent sharp edges from cutting the mouth, which could lead to severe infections.

Because shotgunning at times may be an unsafe action, there is no harm in helping them be a little bit safer. Coors is simply trying to assist drinkers with a college pastime that people of the legal drinking may or may not choose to engage in.

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