Monica Simpson promotes activism through speech and art

Madison Weaver, Staff Writer

“I don’t just like to have discussions, I like to create experiences. Everywhere you go is a different experience. Everyone brings a different energy,” Executive Director of SisterSong Monica Simpson said.

SisterSong, the National Women of Color Reproductive Justice Collective is a network of individuals whose mission is to amplify the collective voices of indigenous women and women of color, ensuring reproductive justice through securing human rights.

On Feb. 17, guest speaker Simpson gave a presentation on art, activism, and injustice through racism and the oppression of LGBTQ communities.

Simpson discussed her work in nonprofit institutions and described intersectionality, as well as how oppressive institutions like racism, sexism, and homophobia are interconnected issues.

“Racism and ageism are still very prevalent, even in marginalized groups. I was very much aware of how I was being treated differently than those I was working with,” Simpson said.

“It’s important to have people that cross over different boundaries and intersections, like art and activism and personal identity. I thought her ideas were very cool,” Ashley Lutjen Sandonato ’17 said.

Simpson also focused on reproductive justice.

“It’s about the human right to self-determine. It’s about making your own decisions about yourself, your family, your community, and being able to do so without fear of harm,” Simpson said.

Simpson then advised students to get involved in activism.

“It’s so important … to find balance between the work you do and the thing that makes you, you,” Simpson said.

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