Breaking the bubble

Caroline Fassett, Elizabeth Worthington, News Editor, Assistant News Editor


After withdrawing from the 2016 presidential campaign, Chris Christie has endorsed Donald Trump as the GOP presidential candidate. While Trump dominated the Super Tuesday primaries, taking seven out of 11 states, the New Jersey governor has been facing mass ridicule and backlash for supporting him; six New Jersey newspapers have demanded his resignation.

Two 14-year-old boys pleaded not guilty on March 1 after facing accusations of raping a fellow student at Lakeside High School in Hot Springs, Ark. The 16-year-old victim reported that the two boys approached her in the high school field house after school on Feb. 17 and assaulted her in the girls’ locker room.


In a joint resolution issued by the United States and China, new sanctions were imposed on North Korea to stop funding for nuclear programs and pressure the government to comply with a denuclearization agreement.

Approximately 30,000 migrants are currently stranded in Greece as the European Union (EU) attempts to slow the flow of refugees coming from the war-torn Middle East. Many EU officials hope that such a crisis in Greece will inhibit more migrants from entering Europe.

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