Du’s and Dont’s: Going “out” through the years

Elizabeth Duswalt, Columnist

Disclaimer: I am not yet a senior, but saying upperclassman sounds weird.

Freshman year, I came in with an entirely skewed vision in my head of what college parties would be like. I thought it would be akin to “The House Bunny” when they have the huge island-themed party to sacrifice the virgin. I was really disappointed to find that what I thought would be water slides into in-ground pools were really inflatable kiddie pools with brown water.

Anyway, like the majority of other freshmen, I came in with a wardrobe that was as questionable as the water in said inflatable kiddie pool.

My all-time favorite piece during my freshman year was my neon pink and black, Aztec print, bodycon skirt that I got at Victoria’s Secret PINK. To this day, it is one of the tackiest things I have ever owned. I am sure all of us can look back and think of a boldly-printed or colored bodycon skirt that we had. Freshmen may be thinking, why yes, I do own one of these. Please, do not be ashamed. Own that skirt because now is the time to wear it.

Themed registers were my prime. I, like every other freshman girl, embraced the opportunity to go all-out. I remember going to Walmart with my hallmates and buying clothes for Fiji camo together. I also made myself a bodycon skirt out of a youth boys’ Under Armour-like, long-sleeved shirt. My roommate (shout out to Lucia Smircich ’17) made a tank out of a camo thermal, but used staples to hold it together. I honestly wish I could still be this creative and resourceful.

I would also take an endless amount of time to get ready. But this was also because I had an endless amount of time to get ready since, as a freshman, I could not go out until midnight. My hair would be perfectly styled and my makeup would look professionally done because I had the time to sit and make one of my friends (Bailey McCue ’17) do it. Now I’m lucky if I have the motivation to apply eye shadow before I go out.

A few weeks ago, I went to a mixer in leggings and a sweatshirt. The theme was “tight and bright.” Someone asked me if I was dressed to theme since my sneakers were neon and my leggings were tight. No, this was not the case. That was just all the effort I had to give that Wednesday night. It was really hot at the mixer so I took off my sweatshirt. I had forgotten that I was wearing my vintage Hilary Duff 2005 concert T-shirt. I did not wear it to be ironic or funny; I had actually forgotten that I had put it on underneath. I have become this lazy.

No matter how far I have come and how much classier I think I am, there are still some nights when I am really feeling myself and put on my best crop top and make my roommate do my hair. My crop top may no longer be neon, but it is a crop top nonetheless. With age comes better fracket-hiding skills, better fashion sense, and a more refined taste in fraternities and athletes.

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