Students create safe space to unite campus

Julia de la Parra, Staff Writer

To create an open forum for people to discuss their campus experiences in a safe and judgment-free setting, Alex Lord ’18 and Jack Ebby ’16 organized a forum on March 8 titled “Reflections: ‘What is Your Bucknell?’”

Topics included social life, relationships, acceptance, and daily interactions. In order to create a safe space, participants and facilitators were reminded that everything said within the room was to be kept confidential. Participants were split into four groups, led by two to three facilitators who each discussed a different topic. Within their small groups, students were asked questions ranging from, “What does your Bucknell community look like?” to “Why don’t we go out of our way to find out about one another’s stories?” Students and facilitators discussed solutions for each question and took a larger look at how the campus community can become more inclusive for everyone. After this breakout session, the groups were reunited to discuss the broader themes and solutions.

Reflections was a way to connect people from all walks of life around a common goal: making Bucknell genuinely inclusive for everyone. We need to become comfortable with being uncomfortable and talk to people outside of our typical friend group to start bridging the gap amongst students on campus. I am glad I took the time out to participate in this event and hope to see great things come from the discussions everyone had there,” Sha-Asia Taylor ’19 said.

“I thought it was a good way to talk about Bucknell’s campus climate,” Ashley Pena ’19 said.

“Alex Lord and Jack Ebby did a great job organizing the event,” co-facilitator Josh Popkin ’18 said.

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