We’re halfway there

As of March 11, seniors have 71 days until graduation. Since spring break marks the approximate halfway point of the semester, college students across the country may be experiencing symptoms of the “sophomore slump” or “senioritis.”

With temperatures nearing 80 degrees this week, students could be found flocking to outdoor spots on campus, including the Academic Quadrangle, Seventh Street Café, or the outdoor seating at the ELC in hopes of soaking up some sun. It can be hard to focus when spring weather suddenly appears, although sun and warm temperatures are certainly positive for student morale.

This extra optimism can be essential to succeeding both academically and socially. On the other hand, beautiful weather can make it tempting to skip class and enjoy the sun. Since much of the spring semester on campus doesn’t typically involve actual “spring” weather, it is fair to say that University students might suffer from seasonal affective disorder (SAD). According to the Mayo Clinic, SAD is a type of depression related to seasonal changes, affecting most people in the fall and winter months. Long winters in Lewisburg can make midterms, projects, and on-campus activities even more stressful. Needless to say, students have eagerly welcomed the first signs of spring on campus.

While the “sophomore slump” is a common phrase, it may not be the case for students at the University. The transition from freshman to sophomore year is significant enough that a “slump” can be avoided. Similarly, many students study abroad during their junior year so one final year on campus is viewed nostalgically and seniors hesitantly look forward to graduation.

Since the sun, and as a result, shorts and sundresses, made a sudden appearance on campus this week, students may be forced to choose between studying in the library and lounging on the quad. The halfway point in the semester can either be discouraging or motivating, depending on how much you enjoy the sun and whether you see 71 days as impending or an eternity.

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