Breaking the Bubble

Elizabeth Worthington, Assistant News Editor


Donald Trump won in Mississippi, Michigan, and Hawaii in the Republican primaries on March 8, while Sen. Ted Cruz managed to score one win in Idaho. In a huge upset, Sen. Bernie Sanders beat out Hillary Clinton in Michigan, a win that will prove more integral in securing the nomination than Clinton’s in Mississippi.

Tairod Pugh was the first American of those arrested in cases linked to the Islamic State to be tried in court, in a years-long attempt to punish sympathizers of the terrorist group. The federal jury found the U.S. veteran guilty of attempting to provide material support to terrorists and the obstruction of justice.


Iran carried out a nuclear missile test on March 8 in what the country called a demonstration of power that had nothing to do with its nuclear program. The United States remains wary of Iran’s intentions amid concerns of a potential nuclear threat to its allies in the Middle East, namely Israel.

The U.S. military recently conducted a raid in northern Iraq that culminated in a successful capture of one of the Islamic State’s top chemical-weapons experts. The United States has been interrogating the detainee about the terror group’s plans for the last several weeks.

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