Card Services and Student Transit relocate

Charles Beers, Staff Writer

The layout of the Elaine Langone Center (ELC) experienced some important changes this week. The Card Services and Student Transit offices were moved from the second floor of the ELC to the main entrance of Vedder Hall, causing many students to question the logic behind the transition.

Associate Dean of Students Dan Remley, who is responsible “for the direction and services provided by Housing Services, Off-campus Living, Card Services, and Student Transit,” clarified the reasoning behind the office’s relocation. The main reason for the move to Vedder was to create  “good harmony” between the different services offered in both Vedder and the ELC.

“Our goal was to put the staffing and aggregating positions together,” Remley said.

By keeping important officials in the Department of Community & Leadership together, such as the directors of fraternity and sorority affairs, Dean of Students Amy Badal is provided with a centralized staffing system.

Keeping the Office of Residential Education, Card Services, and Housing Services in close proximity to Vedder also improves efficiency. The close contact between departments allows the University’s staff to more efficiently service the student body. Remley gave a hypothetical example of a roommate conflict to illustrate how the restructuring will make things easier for students seeking services.

“Residential Education would work with the RA from the residence hall,” Remley said. “Housing would know the availability of spaces for the students. Then, their cards would have to be adjusted.”

By putting all of these functions in a central location, communication between the offices is projected to improve significantly.

“I think that this change will take some time getting used to,” Anna Millar ’18 said, “but the office’s new location will definitely make things more efficient in the long-run.”

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