University breaks ground on senior tribute

Margaret Ekblom, Senior Writer

An outdoor, eco-friendly workplace will commemorate the Class of 2016’s senior tribute and is currently being constructed outside of Academic West. The workplace is designed to be of practical use to all on campus and will serve as a sustainable University site. The location will include six hexagonal tables that will be made of 100 percent plastic.

The workplace will be located between the work-centric buildings of Bertrand Library and Academic West. In a survey circulated to the Class of 2016, many students encouraged the implementation of an outdoor workplace, preferably at an uphill location. Survey participants largely expressed their preference for the workplace to be uphill in the interest of convenience and aesthetic consistency, considering that all academic buildings are situated at the south end of campus.

The tables will be equipped with power strips so students can charge their technological devices outside. Additionally, as certified by the American Disability Association, one of the tables will be wheelchair accessible.

The tribute, which is made possible by funding from both Bucknell Student Government (BSG) and the University, is scheduled for completion by mid-April. Sustainable and beneficial for students, faculty, and staff alike, the idea promises a warm reception from the student body, according to Connor McLaughlin ’16, Class of 2016 president. 

“The idea was conceived through a combination of senior input and guidance from the University. We sought to develop a tribute that would not only add aesthetic value to Bucknell, but would also provide a function for its students. We strongly believe that this tribute will fulfill both of these goals,” McLaughlin said.

The tribute of the outdoor, eco-friendly workplace also fits in with the campus master plan, which has a goal of increasing the availability of outdoor work spaces and incorporating sustainable thought into all areas of construction.

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