“Straight Outta Vineyard Vines” to be filmed at the University this fall

Julia Lasko, Assistant Arts & Culture Editor

A Vineyard Vines executive strolled through the backyards of downtown Lewisburg last Saturday and was wildly impressed by the number of University students donning the company’s signature pink whales on the backs of their shirts and hats. The company is set to return to campus in the fall with cameramen in tow, to begin filming its feature film, “Straight Outta Vineyard Vines.” University students, grab your shirts, pants, shorts, dresses, belts, hats, and croakies for a chance to be part of a revolutionary film that is bound to take the world of rich white kids by storm. Featuring music from the famous rap group N.W.A. (No one Wears Aéropostale).



Editor’s Note: Most of the time, we take our work seriously.  Today is not one of those days.  Happy 1st of April.

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