Former NFL player discusses relationship with God

Caroline Kehrli, Staff Writer

Members of the University and Lewisburg Christian communities came together on April 3 for an experience led by former National Football League (NFL) player Ray McElroy. A Chicago native, McElroy is a decorated cornerback who played six seasons in the NFL–four with the Indianapolis Colts, one with the Detroit Lions, and one with the Chicago Bears.

Following his successful professional football career, McElroy has dedicated his life to empowering young people and their families, especially within the Christian community. McElroy shared the importance of a healthy lifestyle and making good decisions, and he stressed that everyone is special in the eyes of God. McElroy also spoke about his experiences growing up, his dream of playing football, and the influential role his faith has played.

Through humor, audience involvement, and quotes from the Bible, McElroy encouraged the younger generation to be fearless when standing up for what they believe, especially regardless of their faith. He emphasized the potential that all young people have to accomplish great things.

The event was sponsored by Bison4Christ (B4C), a ministry of coaches and staff within the athletics department, as well as the Christ Wesleyan Church (CWC) in Milton, Pa., DiscipleMakers Christian Fellowship (DCF), and the Bucknell Faculty Staff Christian Association (BFSCA). B4C meets weekly to discuss how the Christian community can support each other, especially regarding athletics.

“We wanted to sponsor an event that brought in an outside speaker that shared our Christian values to positively impact student athletes, students, and the local community,” head wrestling coach Dan Wirnsberger said.

B4C is working with Wirnsberger and University Chaplain John Colatch to create opportunities for student athletes to be a part of a ministry where “they can share the common bond of elite division I athletics and living out their Christian faith on a college campus,” Wirnsberger said.

Wirnsberger also shared his hope “that everyone who attended heard a message of love and hope and that each life has significance and purpose and that they can find this life through an individual choice and a personal relationship with God through Jesus Christ.”

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