Breaking the bubble

Caroline Fassett, Elizabeth Worthington,, News Editor, Assistant News Editor


A large ship sank in the Mediterranean Sea between Libya and Italy on April 13. Though it’s been confirmed that there were 41 survivors–37 men, three women, and one child–the U.N. has recently reported that as many as 500 migrants may have died in the wreckage.

Large earthquakes shook Japan on April 14 and April 16. Another earthquake 16 times greater than Japan’s second earthquake caused immense destruction in Ecuador. Though the correlation between the earthquakes hasn’t yet been substantiated, both yielded numerous casualties.


Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton came one step closer to securing their front-runner statuses on April 19. Both candidates beat their competitors in the New York primary with comfortable margins. It now seems fairly probable that Clinton and Trump will secure their respective party’s nomination in July’s convention.

UnitedHealthcare confirmed on April 19 that it will stop selling insurance on most of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) state exchanges this year. The company was one of the biggest insurers for the ACA. This news comes after UnitedHealthcare reported losing millions of dollars last year from people entering and exiting the healthcare marketplace.

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