Editors You May Know



Morgan Gisholt Minard ’17

Position: Print Presentation Director
What are you most proud of from this semester on staff? I’m most proud of increasing our
web views tenfold and creating a cohesive print layout and design that my layout team works extremely hard on! Also, the fact that I haven’t been mutinied (yet) for harassing everyone on Fridays to share their articles online is quite the achievement.
Your ideal production night caf order: Nine chicken fingers and nine chicken fingers only. Note that I said fingers, not nuggets – big difference.
Summer plans: TBD, thank you very much.
Future role with the paper: I am very excited to be taking on the role of Editor-in-Chief!

Madeline Diamond ’17

Position: Editor-in-Chief
What are you most proud of this semester on staff? I’m most proud of our staff for producing the most engaging content I’ve seen since I’ve been on staff and I’m happy that we have dedicated more attention to Special Features and investigative news coverage.
How do you feel about the concept of the “Open Letter To…?” Here is my open letter to the open letter: In the words of Courtney Wren ’17, when advising how to talk to your parents about your differing political views, “don’t do it.”
Summer plans: I don’t want to talk about it.
Future role with the paper: I’m out of here. Just kidding, I’m the Senior Editor and I will TOTALLY come back and visit, okay guys.

Barbara Bell ’18

Position: Print Managing Editor
What are you most proud of from this semester on staff?: I’m most proud of the fact that The Bucknellian has had breaking news and original, investigative content all semester. We now have a Special Features editor and an investigative news editor, so I believe our role as a student media organization has been more active and responsive.
Do you identify more with the state of Connecticut or the state of Ohio?: Well, I live in Connecticut, but I think that there’s a little bit of Ohio in all of us.
Summer plans: I’m spending my second summer at the non-profit VOICES of September 11th in New Canaan, Conn. as a communications intern and research assistant.
Future role with the paper: Ha, I’m not going anywhere (Print Managing Editor).



Lynn Korsun ’18

Position: News Layout Editor
Favorite newsroom moment: Either revealing to the general public Madeline Diamond’s unrequited childhood love for Paul Giamatti, or watching YouTube videos about mini tacos instead of working. Kind of a toss-up.
Favorite front page above the fold picture? The crushed beer can from House Party Weekend.
Summer plans: Working at Inspirica, Inc. CT as a social work intern for a bit before spending any and all money I have for a month back in Majorca, Spain.
Future role within the paper: News Layout Editor

Caroline Fassett ’18

Position: News Editor
What are you most proud of from this semester on staff? Can I brag about my own section? I think News killed it this year. I had an awesome assistant (thanks Elizabeth) and owe Madeline, Barbara, and Morgan a lot for their guidance. I feel like our content touched upon a lot of things students really care about.
Have you ever cheated the system? Only as the editor of other publications, guys.
Summer plans: Research through the University. And lots of exercise to work off all the stress eating I’m gonna do over finals.
Future role with the paper: Investigative News Editor! All of Bucknell’s secrets will be unlocked.

Elizabeth Worthington ’18

Position: Assistant News Editor, also known as Caroline’s faithful servant
Favorite newsroom moment: My favorite newsroom moment is whenever the food arrives. In terms of what I’m proud of this semester, our coverage of House Party Weekend was dope. But overall I think the newspaper as a whole has done a great job of covering relevant events on campus that students actually want to read about.
Summer plans: You can catch me attempting not to drop trays full of waffles and eggs as I waitress at the Jersey shore. I will also be writing for a blog called Women to Watch and I am waiting for an interview with Philadelphia Magazine.
Future role with the paper: News Editor



Bethany Blass ’18

Position: Sports Co-Editor … or Co-Sports Editor? (I don’t think we’ve conformed to one)
Favorite newsroom moment: I’m most proud of our satirical articles in the April Fool’s issue. That issue got way more attention from campus than our usual issues (weird), and the articles really allowed us to channel our inner Onion.
What other organizations are you a part of on campus? I also spend my time as a Residential Adviser, tutoring/mentoring elementary school kids with the Bucknell Buddies program, and completing research with neuroscientists at Geisinger’s Autism & Developmental Medicine Institute (ADMI). And of course, I am a member of Kappa Alpha Theta.
Summer plans: This summer, I will be living on campus to continue my research at ADMI. I will also be a summer RA while I prepare to run a half marathon.
Future role within the paper: It’s impossible to tear me and Lauren apart! Co-Editors 5ever.

Schuyler Platt ’18

Position: Sports Layout Editor
What are you most proud of from this semester on staff?: I am most proud of the selfie I captured of Patxi and me on the shuttle. Took a bunch of courage but it got a whole lot of likes in the GroupMe.
How do you feel about being the newsroom’s token “greeter” for writers and photographers? I am honored by this position. Plus it is obvious from many of their responses that my people skills have improved tremendously, am I right @mbgm??
Summer plans: I am an art and design intern for Cottages & Gardens Magazine.
Future role within the paper: After my impressive campaign, it is obvious I’ll be staying as Sports Layout Editor.

Lauren Whelan ’18

Position: Sports Co-Editor!
What are you most proud of from this semester on staff?: Definitely most proud of our increased readership. There are such talented people working on this publication, and it’s awesome that our exposure has increased this semester!
What other organizations are you a part of on campus?: I am an after-school tutor at Essex Place and a member of Delta Gamma. I am also very excited to be an Orientation Assistant for the incoming first-year class!
Summer plans: This summer I will be working as a Marketing Intern for Samsung and spending as much time as possible at the beach! I am also trying to run a half marathon – @Bethany be my running partner maybe?
Future role within the paper: I am very committed to my Co-Editor 😉 As long as Schuyler and Bethany are around, I’ll be here.



Courtney Wren ’17

Position(s): Owner of Arts and Culture, also known as Arts & Culture Content and Layout Editor.
Favorite newsroom moment: I honestly accidentally-on-purpose black out most of what goes on in the Rooke Basement, but I’m pretty proud of the satire issue and I’m definitely proud of pleasantly surprising Barbara with how well it turned out.
Where do you see the Arts & Culture section heading in the future? I am a little dog and you would probably have to ask the big dogs because they are all knowing and all powerful and they all scare me.
Summer plans: Becoming ever more poor than I already am with my unpaid internship. I am also probably living in New Jersey, the Armpit of America. Probably will see Julia even more than I already do. Maybe I will see Leslie. Or Lauren. Potentially Lindsay. Hopefully Madeline. Probably Babs.
Future role within the paper: Continuing to own all aspects of Arts & Culture.

Julia Lasko ’17

Position: Assistant Editor of Arts and Culture (Courtney’s wingwoman)
What has been your favorite article to write this semester? Probably the satirical article “‘Straight Outta Vineyard Vines’ to be filmed at the University this fall,” because who doesn’t love poking a little fun at the campus culture?
Summer plans: Interning in Denver, Colo. and enjoying all the wonders of that glorious state *wink wink* (public transportation and scenic views)
Future role within the paper: Making the most informative events calendars The Bucknellian has ever seen and continuing to ask Courtney “Is there anything you need me to do?” As well as occasionally writing articles that my parents will undoubtedly share with my entire extended family.

Kiera McGee ’17

Position: Opinions Editor
What are you most proud of from this semester on staff? I’m particularly pleased with the amount of web views that my article “Dear CDC…” received.
What occupies your Wednesday nights? On Wednesday nights, I babysit for my professor’s eight-year-old daughter from 4 to 10 p.m. We drink a lot of chocolate milk and have some good times.
Summer plans: This summer, I’ll be interning at Sanocki, Newman, & Turret LLP, a medical malpractice law firm in New York City.
Future role with the paper: Opinions Editor. If I have less time commitments next year, I’d love to graduate to a higher position within the paper.



Kayla Javaheri ’18

Position: Social Media Manager
What are you most proud of from this semester on staff? Last semester, I was the Assistant Social Media Director and learned a lot under Marissa. This year as the Social Media Manager, I am proud that I have been able to apply what I learned previously to this managerial position. I look forward to continuing the growth of the Bucknellian’s social media presence.
What is the most opportune time to post on social media? 12 p.m. and 6 p.m.
Summer plans: I know that I will be headed back home to Los Angeles, but the rest of my summer plans are TBD.
Future role with the paper: Social Media Manager

Maeve Greeely ’18

Position: Assistant Social Media Manager
What are you most proud of from this semester on staff?: Social Media is an incredibly effective channel for providing our generation with the information they need. I have had numerous people tell me that they read The Bucknellian articles after seeing them on their Facebook feeds and I am extremely happy that I have been able to contribute to that.
You just completed your first marathon in Boston. Will you run another? Yes. I qualified for both Boston and New York marathons this past time and hope to complete New York the fall of my senior year.
Summer plans: Interning in Boston with many adventures on the side.
Future role with the paper: Keeping my current role with the social media team.

Lindsay Erickson ’18

Position: Opinions Layout and Assistant Social Media Manager
Favorite newsroom moment: When Barbara fell down the stairs on the way to Board Edits one sad Thursday morning.

What would you do if the Lewisburg Dunkin’ Donuts closed? Probably cry, but then drive over to the Lewisburg Starbucks.

Summer plans: I have an internship doing marketing for a local magazine.
Future role with the paper: You can catch me doing Opinions Layout every Wednesday night.

Patxi Elizalde ’17

Position: Web Presentation Director
What are you most proud of from this semester on staff? Proud of transforming the website from the jumbled mess it was last semester into the fresh, award-worthy news hub it is today.
What is the process for selecting the perfect gif? Contrary to popular belief, selecting the perfect gif is not a skill you can inherit. You are born with it. If you can’t figure it out, use words.
Summer plans: Back home to the motherland (Makati City, Philippines) for a bit then interning in the city of dreams.
Future role within the paper: N/A (for now)

Madeleine Silva ’17

Position: Web Managing Editor
What are you most proud of from this semester on staff? Definitely contributing to the website’s transformation from something fairly boring to something “swag drippin’.”
What is your favorite poll question? Next question.
Summer plans: Internship in the real world! And the beach.
Future role with the paper: Keeping it the same as Web Editor.



Ellen O’Donnell ’18

Position: Graphics Manager
What are you most proud of from this semester on staff? Definitely the overall increase in graphics. I feel like it’s helped to improve the attractiveness of the paper and gain readers.
Favorite graphic you’ve made this semester? Probably “House Party Weekend by the Numbers.”
Do you enjoy having a weekly chore chart? I love nothing more than receiving my chore chart each week, especially when it includes the promise of extra TV time if I finish early.
Summer plans: I’ll be a design intern at BBDO New York and avoiding Courtney at all costs.
Future role with the paper: I’ll be moving up to become a slightly bigger dawg (perhaps a goldendoodle) as Print Presentation Director.

Julia Friedman ’17

Position: Special Features Layout Editor
Favorite newsroom moment: I would have to go with the one time I went to the caf to retrieve dinner for everyone. People were cheering excitedly and I felt like I was on top of the world.
How did you spend your spring break, in two words? Active Spa … This was a setup.
Summer plans: I will spend my time working in Princeton, N.J. part-time with an organization that does climate research. When I’m not working on saving the planet, I’ll be trying to eat at all the ice cream shops available.
Future role within the paper: Can’t wait to roll in hot next semester as both the Special Features Layout Editor and the Photography Co-Editor.

Natalie Spears ’18

Position: Special Features Content Editor
Favorite newsroom moment: When I had to trek through a legitimate hurricane to get the caf food.
Favorite feature you have written? My favorite feature was “If you snooze, you … win,” which was on the importance of sleep in college. It was such a relevant topic coming up before finals week and we got really cool sleep swag from the Huffington Post, which was lit.
Summer plans: I’m still putting off the internship life, so I’ll probably just get a job somewhere near home. My family and I are also sailing our boat to Bermuda for a Regatta in June.
Future role within the paper: I’m keeping my current role for next semester as Special Features Content Editor

Erin Ditmar ’18

Position: Photography Editor
Favorite newsroom moment: Shout out to the select few that got to hear my weekly late night rants. My proudest moment(s) were the weeks when all of the week’s events were covered and the paper was filled with great photos.
What’s your favorite event that you’ve covered this semester? Definitely Ellie Kemper because I was able to tag along to the interview before her talk to take pictures.
Summer plans: Traveling to Chile and Italy and taking lots of artsy photos and working a minimum wage job.
Future role with the paper: Not going anywhere (Photography Co-Editor)

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