Five things that hurt my eyes and my soul

Elizabeth Duswalt, Columnist

For my final article of the semester, I feel as though it is my duty to give as much advice as I possibly can. That’s why I have taken several laps around the library and compiled a list of things that I’m not quite fond of instead of focusing on the three papers and project I need to work on.

  1. Socks with shoes that do not require socks. For example, sandals or ballet flats. If your feet are cold, the solution is simple: do not wear those shoes.
  2. Camisoles as shirts. We aren’t in middle school anymore. Stop using this trick to make your boobs look bigger. No one cares.
  3. Frat shoes outside of a frat party. If your shoes are covered in a layer of mud, beer, blood, sweat, and tears, do not wear them in a respectable public setting.
  4. Leather shoes that do not match your leather belt. This is so easy people! Brown leather shoes go with brown leather belts and black leather shoes go with black leather belts. If you are colorblind, ask your roommate for help.
  5. Boys who wear hats that do not even come close to matching whatever they are wearing. That purple and yellow Lakers hat is great and I appreciate that you want to support your team, but do not wear it with your blue plaid button-down and your pastel Vineyard Vines shorts. We all know you have eight million hats so just wear one that matches or wear an outfit that matches your hat.
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