Senior class tribute offers sustainable workspace

Madeline Diamond, Editor-in-Chief

Each graduating class has the opportunity to leave its mark on the University through the annual senior class tribute. This year, an eco-friendly outdoor work space outside Academic West will commemorate the Class of 2016.

After gauging student opinions through a survey, the Bucknell Student Government (BSG) Class of 2016 Congress decided that a sustainable, outdoor work space would be the best option for both the Class of 2016 and the University as a whole.

The work space features a concrete patio with six picnic tables made from 100 percent plastic. The patio also offers power outlets to facilitate homework and studying.

“The idea was conceived through a combination of senior input and guidance from the University. We sought to develop a tribute that would not only add aesthetic value to Bucknell, but would also provide a function for its students. We strongly believe that this tribute will fulfill both of these goals,” Class of 2016 President Connor McLaughlin ’16 said.

The previous two senior class tributes also focused on sustainability, as the Class of 2014 dedicated solar panels and the Class of 2015 contributed an energy-tracking ECO screen. What is unique about this year’s tribute is that all students can utilize and enjoy it, ensuring that the Class of 2016 leaves its mark on the University.

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