Kiera McGee, Opinions Co-Editor


Political Science and Literary Studies ’17


Honolulu, HI


After falling in love with print media in high school, Kiera decided to join The Bucknellian in the fall of her freshman year as a writer for the Opinions section. Two years later, she graduated to editor of the section and has loved it every step of the way. Since she is going abroad this semester, she has taken on a Co-Editor and looks forward to watching the section flourish from afar.
This summer, Kiera interned at a Bucknell alum’s law firm in the Financial District of New York City, a few blocks away from Wall Street. When that wrapped up, she decided to take on a part-time job at a cupcake bakery in New Jersey. Though she’s leaving for Semester at Sea in two short weeks, the Global Journalism Scholarship she received through the program will only serve to increase her involvement with The Bucknellian.

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