Athlete of the Week: Erika Eastley

Lauren Whelan, Co-Sports Editor

Though the volleyball season is just getting started, Erika Eastley ’17 is already making her mark on the court and in the record books for the volleyball program. Eastley collected her 245th block assist to grab the number five spot in program history when the Bison faced Duquesne on Sept. 3.

“I actually didn’t know I was even close to being on the record books for blocks before yesterday so it was a very surprising and exciting moment to hear about it. Blocking is such a difficult aspect of volleyball and to see how much my hard work is paying off really makes everything worth it to me,” Eastley said.

Over the past three seasons, Eastley has been an integral member of the team, and is truly proving her value on the court thus far in her fourth and final season. Reflecting on her time in the program, Eastley noted the important roles that her teammates, both past and present, have played in her success.

“This is the first year that I really need to be a reliable player for those younger than me. It is definitely very nerve-racking but also exciting to know that I am now an experienced player who needs to always stay consistent and be held accountable,” Eastley said.

Consistency is more than just a personal goal for Eastley, as she noted both consistency and togetherness as primary goals for the entire team this season as they move towards even more difficult matches.

“We have such amazing chemistry on and off the court this year, and I think as long as we can translate that to big matches we will be unstoppable,” Eastley said.

With aspirations of making the Patriot League Tournament amidst a tough competitive field, the Bison and Eastley have their work cut out for them. Despite the challenging field, however, Eastley remains positive.

“I have such high hopes for this season and I know that with practice we will achieve great things,” Eastley said.

The Bison will be back on the court on Sept. 9-10 in Philadelphia where they will face the University of Pennsylvania, George Mason University, and Howard University.

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