Editorial: An abundance of opportunity, especially in rural PA

Journalists, comedians, scientists, singers, actors, activists, actresses—people from all walks of life have graced the stages of the University over the years. Even less than one month into this academic year, teen heartthrob Jesse McCartney and the creator of the blog “Humans of New York” Brandon Stanton have visited campus, bringing impressive turnouts and even more impressive coverage of these events via social media.

While the rural setting of the University could prove to be a drawback for some, many groups on campus work diligently year-round to combat this. The Campus Activities & Programs (CAP) Center, the Student Lectureship Committee, Bucknell Student Government (BSG), and many other independent committees and groups remain committed to bringing enriching speakers and events to campus. Students line up at box offices across campus to acquire their orange and blue tickets emblazoned with the headlining act, a true testament to their willingness to take advantage of each event.

But is there a point at which the enriching experiences become superficial? Are attendees of these events possibly in it solely “for the Snapchat?”

In our current age of rampant social media culture, it is important for students to remember that the reason these speakers and performers visit our campus is to provide alternative viewpoints or experiences, and not to merely provide something to brag about attending on Instagram or Snapchat or a Facebook status (although we at The Bucknellian are guilty of this as well).

If the big-shot performers don’t appeal to you, take a pass at the weekly Weis Center event, or whatever movie the Campus Theatre is playing. The University does an excellent job of providing multiple outlets for students to get involved on campus, either with clubs, organizations, or other pursuits that fit their interests, fostering a sense of belonging and involvement within the community.

Higher education extends beyond academics and clubs, and taking advantage of the myriad of opportunities that the University offers is a large part of taking control of your experience. We’re not a state school with more than 20,000 students, able to solicit big-name artists or celebrities, but we hold our own in the pursuit of providing this community with the means to become well-rounded members of society throughout their four years on campus.

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