Work hard, ‘Nell Party hard

Reed Widdoes, Staff Writer

Trout Auditorium reached capacity when the University’s stand-up and sketch comedy group, The ’Nell Party, hosted their first event of the year on Sept. 16. The event featured a mixture of old and new performers, including Troy Schwab ’19, Josh Williard ’18, Elias Strizower ’17, and graduate student Odinmma Ofili. Hannah Rosen ’18 was chosen to emcee the event in order to, in the words of the performers themselves, “balance out the stench of men.”

By the end of the evening, the entirety of Trout Auditorium was roaring with laughter. Each individual brought a variety of jokes to the audience, ranging from canine thievery to nude modeling.

“I truly enjoyed the show. It was a great time getting to come out and see some of Bucknell’s best comedians perform,” Graham Gearhart ’19 said.

“[I was] so overwhelmed by the humor of the performances that [I] was repeatedly brought to tears,” Kevin McFadden ’19 said.

“I think what made the show such a huge success was everyone’s willingness to put in the work, not just the performers, but everyone involved,” ’Nell Party President Tom Murphy ’17 said.

Before each performance, the club practices consistently in preparation for the big night, Murphy said.

“We would rehearse in Trout almost every night the week leading up to the show in order to create a collective flow of sets and performances, and even personas for individual performers,” Schwab said.

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