Mike Muscala ’13 addresses Bison basketball

Lauren Whelan, Sports Co-Editor

Taking a break from his NBA career, Mike Muscala ’13 addressed the crowd of coaches, players, and more at the annual Friends of Bison Basketball Dinner on Sept. 9. Muscala, who plays for the Atlanta Hawks, is the first Bison to break into the NBA and had some inspiring words for the men in the program as they anticipate the year ahead.

Head coach Nathan Davis described his speech as a reflection “about the camaraderie he had with the players that were here, the friendships that were made, the overall experience at the University, and what that meant to him.”

“I think that anytime you’ve had anyone who’s had that success anywhere, especially at the same institution, and go on to do what he’s done now, I think it resonates with those guys on their way to it. It’s the same message you’re passing on to your players from the time you’ve recruited them,” Davis said.

The men’s basketball team ended their season in a heartbreaking tournament loss, but as Davis points out, this final note was not indicative of all the success they had last season.

“Last year was a different entity. It was a different team, it was a different situation, it was a different personality, this is an entirely new deal. We have new leadership and people in the program, and it’s going to be about what these guys this year do,” Davis said.

The Orange and Blue are preparing to return to action this upcoming winter season, with Muscala’s speech no doubt inspiring new energy and motivation within them.

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