Athlete of the Week: Maddie Mulford ’18, Women’s Soccer

Lauren Whelan, Sports Co-Editor

Few players have found the scoring success that Maddie Mulford ’18 has found this season. After scoring in four consecutive games (five as of Oct. 2), Mulford has established herself as an offensive threat for the Bison and continues to gain momentum.

“It definitely has felt great to score in the past four games, but what’s most important is that our team has walked away with victories from those games. It takes an entire team to win a game, and the goals that were scored are the result of the effort put in by the team as a whole,” Mulford said.

Mulford also reflected on her career as a whole with fond memories of the team’s accomplishments.

“My favorite part of my career so far was making it to the Patriot League Finals last year. While we did not come out on top, I think the game really gave us a taste of the championship,” Mulford said.

Mulford went on to comment on how that experience really inspired the team, and has helped them set some concrete goals to come out victorious at the end of this season.

“We all loved playing in that game and making it that far, and getting back to that spot is something that is motivating us during this season. We know what it is like to make it to that game, and now we all want to win it!” Mulford said.

Mulford notes, however, that the team has overcome some significant challenges during her time wearing Orange and Blue.

“My greatest challenge during my career at Bucknell so far was definitely the coaching change. While this was a big shift in the dynamic of our team, it definitely helped us grow together more. While it was very hard for most of us to deal with this transition, I know that we all could not be happier and are very fortunate to have the coaches we do now as they are helping us become better people and players and helping us have as much success as we have been having,” Mulford said.

Over the course of her career as a Bison, Mulford has been a consistent and central member of the team, playing in every game except one over the course of her first two seasons. Additionally, many of Mulford’s most notable contributions were recorded in the most crucial moments for the Bison. For example, her very first collegiate goal was scored to push the Bison ahead in the last few minutes of a 0-1 match versus Saint Francis in 2014, tying the game.

“One of our main goals for the season is to take each game one at a time. While we have had so much success so far this year, we have focused on each game one at a time, and taken each day one at a time. This has allowed us to remain focused on each game and what we need to do on that day in order to be successful,” Mulford said. “Another goal of ours is to always leave it all out on the field. We always are working hard and especially working for one another which has also helped lead to our success thus far. So, it is important to keep doing what we are doing and staying focused on the task ahead of us for that day,” Mulford said.

Mulford and the Bison are looking forward to rest of their season, and if her performances thus far are any indication, she will be a force to be reckoned with as the Bison move toward their goal of a championship win.


2014–Played in 20 of 21 games, one goal

2015–Played in 20 of 20 games, Started 12, one goal

2016–PL Offensive Player of the Week, eight goals

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