Clinton could overcome Trump with the help of torn voters

Mara Vinnik, Contributing Writer

Politics aside, Donald Trump has dug a hole too deep to escape before this year’s Election Day rolls around on Nov. 8. Allegations of sexual misconduct have mounted following NBC News’ release of a video featuring Trump and then-Access Hollywood host Billy Bush making crude and aggressive remarks about sexually assaulting women. After this incident, it seems unlikely that Trump will be able to earn the female proportion of the voting population, which could formally end his campaign.

It is time the American people focus on just how unfit Trump is to hold office. Having no prior political experience, every comment he makes about his platform comes across as if it were written by the politicians pulling his strings. His inability to thoroughly answer most questions thrown at him during debates should frighten voters. While he holds countless opinions on how wrong his opponent’s policies are, he gives little to no information on specific policy plans that he may have or the viability thereof.

The only thing that maintains Trump’s possibility of victory on Election Day is the huge divide among voters, who need to begin migrating towards Hillary Clinton. If these people remain indifferent, or support third party candidates, Trump may prevail. However, while many within the Republican Party are seemingly stepping away from Trump, they are not moving toward Clinton. Extremists within the Republican Party who are backing Trump seem to be the only confident voting majority at the moment, given that many Clinton “supporters” within the Democratic Party are voting only to avoid Trump’s presidency.

The uncertainty within the remaining voting population has pushed many to refuse voting at all, or throwing their vote away on a third-party candidate that will, statistically speaking, never see the inside of the Oval Office. Those with the privilege of voting need to give their votes to Clinton or they will be aiding Trump on his increasingly terrifying rise to power. The American people must take advantage of their right to vote and use it to change politics in ways that they wish to see. In other words, those discontent with this year’s election need to find a way to express that without risking Trump becoming president.

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