KDR brotherhood honors legacy of 9/11 alumni

Barbara Bell, Print Managing Editor

On Saturday Oct. 15, active brothers and alumni of the Kappa Delta Rho (KDR) fraternity came together with the University community to celebrate and honor the lives of Brad Fetchet ’99 and Mark McGinly ’97, two members of the fraternity who passed away during the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks. 

The KDR 9/11 memorial plaque ceremony was the culmination of an organized effort made by the KDR alumni association, The Bucknell University Alumni Association and Board of Directors, and current members of the KDR Iota chapter. Approximately 40 current brothers and about 50 alumni united on campus to commemorate Fetchet and McGinly. 

In addition to the on-campus community, the dedication was attended by Dr. Bill McGinly, Mark McGinly’s father, and Brad Fetchet’s immediate family: Mary, Frank, and Wes Fetchet ’04.

Having something tangible at the new KDR University house was important to pass on the historical significance of 9/11, according to Marcus Hernandez, President of the Kappa Delta Rho Iota Chapter Alumni Association. 

With the 15th Anniversary of September 11 this fall, Hernandez said it “was important to show our current brothers and alumni base that we will never forget our fallen brothers.”

He stressed the importance of showing the younger members of the brotherhood, who might have not been old enough to experience the events themselves, “what an important and tragic day 9/11 was in our fraternity chapter and University history.”

KDR fraternity president Ethan Cohen echoed these sentiments, particularly what the dedication means in linking active and alumni brothers. “It’s really important for us to have these strong alumni connections for a number of reasons. First, as one of the newer chapters on campus, we have to begin to introduce the older alumni to the new brotherhood.”

Cohen explained, “Every iteration of a chapter, once it comes back to campus, is different, so it’s important for us to show the alumni that we are prideful, supportive of each other and deserving of the title of a brother.”

“I applaud the KDR Alumni Corporation and brothers for honoring the memory of Brad Fetchet and Mark McGinly,” Dean of Students Amy Badal said. “The ceremony was so moving and a true testament to the brotherhood of KDR, Badal said. 

“It was important to communicate to the University community and the Fetchet and McGinly familes that we will honor our fallen brothers in perpetuity,” Hernandez said. 

“I can speak for the KDR brothers and alumni in saying that this event was about showing that our reverence and memory of these men is indefinite,” Hernandez said. 

“We were honored that the KDR fraternity hosted a commemorative event for our son Brad and Mark McGinly.  Included with the over 50 in attendance were most members of Brad’s pledge class, which is testament to the brotherhood and life-long relationships established at Bucknell,” Frank Fetchet said.

“The plaque which now resides in the KDR house will be a lasting memory of Brad and Mark – and serves as a celebration of their lives and the resiliency that continues today by so many impacted that day. Bucknell is a very special place and this ceremony reflects the strong bonds that are established that last over time,” Frank said.

Cohen said the fraternity is in the process of obtaining photographs of both Mark and Brad to frame and put up  on either side of the plaque.

“We hope that this will personalize the plaque more, and allow us to further commemorate them,” he said.

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